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Amani was born in the Olokii village of Arusha, of the Maasai who are known as “fierce warriors”. Why? Because of the hardships of their livehood and their strength and endurance through all trials. These individuals are nomads and rely on products from the farming of crops and animals. Unfortunately, in recent years, the rains have not returned to this portion of East Africa and crops have had low yield. With the market for animals and crops on the low end, no money can be found and living is almost impossible.
Within Tanzania, there is little to no government funding for education, and the only school near Amani’s village lies almost entirely out of reach. Not to mention, most students cannot afford their materials, or uniforms. Additionally, the education does not even provide English instruction to students, making the reality of ever attending high school or university impossible.
For women, in families that cannot afford to send multiple children to school, they are asked to stay home and fetch water from the well or gather fire wood, and those women will never know the inside of a classroom… Yet, studies have shown that children of mother’s that have spent five years in primary education are 40% more likely to live beyond the age of five. Even so, awareness of the issue cannot bring about a solution on its own. Because regardless, without money, without volunteers, there cannot be progress. Fortunately, Amani, who rose up from these conditions, has a mission to provide for his community at all cost. For almost two and a half years, Amani has worked to build a school for children in his village and after two years of construction, the children are now three months into their first year of education!
Currently, Kipok (the organization under which the school is founded), is working to sponsor a nursery and continue sponsoring primary education for the children within the village. Now, reader, we are asking you, yes you, for your help.
Currently, we have no sponsors and are asking for donations to allow us to hire more teachers. We are also asking for funds to allow us to construct a bathroom for the children, fund the addition of a new classroom to facilitate the development of a nursery, and most importantly, we are asking for sponsorships to allow us to continue running and provide porridge for the children so they may learn longer each day. We need to continue to grow and expand. Amani states, “It isn’t about me, it’s about the impact for the children and the community as a whole. It’s about the bigger picture. ”


Is to the center growing and expanding, to have more classrooms and see improvement in the center. We need volunteers that can stay here and work with other studies going on here and who can work closely with the kids. We need volunteers who can both be with our kids and help shape them as well. We provide elementary education and we need those kids to move from elementary to class one. Even if you have a good elementary education and you go to class one in public education, everything then goes so slowly.


WE ARE LOOKING FOR:  Volunteers, donors, and sponsors to allow or students to continue their education by allowing us to allocate more funds to our individual students, as well as investing in construction projects that serve to the betterment of our students and their matriculation. As our students mature, there will be a need for more classrooms, more restroom facilities and improvements to our kitchen and current structure.
Additionally, we are eager for our students to have an education like that of those in the public education system. Currently, our students must return home when there is no lunch provided and as such, our courses begin at approximately 7:30 and end at 12:00. We are striving for our students to learn until 3:30, with sports and music offerings throughout the evenings so that our students are constantly learning, practicing, and recalling everything they have learned throughout the day. With their peers, and volunteers, our children are able to practice their English language skills, where as in their homes, students usually only speak in their tribe language which imposes a barrier for students as they mature and venture outside of the village.
We are looking for volunteers who are willing to contribute to our vision; those who are willing to play with the kids after lunch even once or twice a week. Individuals who are willing to live in the village with our students and grow and learn from them as reciprocally, we hope our children will do. We are searching for volunteers to assist in the development of our center and those who can implement extracurricular programs like athletics and music or performance arts. We highly encourage volunteers to take everything they remember from their school experience, see what’s missing here, and add their experiences. No teaching experience is required, all that we ask is that our volunteers have a love for children and a knack, a heart, for service. Volunteers are allowed to design performance projects that encompass vocal, dance, instrumental, acting, and beyond. Although we cannot guarantee funding for all projects, we welcome volunteers to share their ideas with the head of the school and those in charge of our program to find a compromise.
Volunteers are asked to live in a house within the Olokii village built strictly for them. We want our volunteers to have a unique immersion experience with the families in the village and really connect with the students at the school. However, we do understand the desire to venture to town on occasion and a free car service will be provided for our volunteers. Through the duration of the weekends, volunteers can stay in town and explore the city of Arusha and its offerings.

We believe in our center and the vision of the individuals who are working to bring about positive change in the lives of children. We are confident that, together, with our volunteers, we can make a lasting difference and are eager to see the growth of our program. We are hoping to soon find sponsors for each of our children who can assist in funding the students to continue their education. We would like to soon have uniforms for the children and are working on constructing a nursery for the small children. Before we can create more classrooms, we need more teachers and are hoping to soon have sponsors to help make this feasible. All our children learn at different levels and therefore, separation of our students into distinct class levels is imperative to the growth of our students and the program.
Our hope is that with our volunteer and sponsor impacts, we will be able to grow and offer our education tools to students all throughout the village. We would like our students to have the best education experience we can offer so that they may attend high school or university if they so choose. We want our students to learn from our volunteers and have a unique experience in their learning. We want our children to have fun and we hope to soon be like other private schools in the region, but with one important twist; we want to build a family in the process, to have a one-to-one relationship with each of our students and our educators. Our students come from humble beginnings and we strongly value that and the ideals of the community in which they reside and hope our volunteers will also.
Ultimately, we are eager to see our center grow and expand but aim to keep to the roots of our values. We hope that in providing our students with the skills to efficiently learn today, they will lead in their communities tomorrow and are eager to have you be a part of our center.


  • To provide primary education for students who would not otherwise have the means to do so. 
  • To facilitate a learning environment that is diverse and unique in course offerings and learning experiences for students in the Olokii village.
  • To acquire a volunteer base that is excited for student education and who are eager to assist in the growth of our center.
  • To provide students with sponsorship and tools to excel beyond their primary education, to allow them to seek higher education opportunities.
  • To build a center with multiple classrooms, bathroom facilities, and kitchen that will allow students to receive a standard education similar to that of public schools (8-3:30 schedule).
  • To construct a space where students are open and free to express themselves through extracurricular activities such as athletics and performance arts.
  • To raise awareness of the importance of our youth and expand to offer education throughout the entire Olokii village.
  • To provide our volunteers with a unique immersion experience.
  • To facilitate lifelong bonds between our volunteers, students, and community members.
    *For inquiries about any items listed or for those wanting to donate more than what is mentioned above, please feel free to contact us!J*


  • Books
  • Pens and pencils
  • Erasers
  • Athletic equipment
  • Learning textbooks
  • Music learning tools
  • Classroom maintenance materials
  • Anything featured in a classroom that may not be readily accessible in Tanzania


Our Mission

We are united by our goal to effect change and alleviate the social injustice within Tanzania so that our country and it’s people can move forward. We accomplish this by placing international volunteers in projects, to work as a part of our communities, to contribute international knowledge and work experience to the local people.

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