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Welcome to kipok africa

kipok Africa is a Tanzanian non-profit organization based in Arusha, Northern Tanzania.Arusha is the safari capital of Tanzania and the gateway to world famous natural attractions such as the Serengeti National Park and the Ngorongoro Crater. The founder of Kipok, Amani, was born and raised in Arusha, Tanzania. After spending many coordinating volunteers for other organizations he decided to start Kipok Africa to continue develop and enhance his local community.

Our Projects

We Are Offering the Following Projects

Medical Hospital

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Medical Hospital

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Teaching & Training

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Women’s Development Projects

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Access to clean water

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Volunteer at the orphanages


Amani's Children center

Currently, Kipok (the organization under which the school is founded), is working to sponsor a nursery and continue sponsoring primary education for the children within the village. Amani, who rose up from these conditions, has a mission to provide for his community at all cost. For almost two and a half years, Amani has worked to build a school for children in his village and after two years of construction, the children are now three months into their first year of education. Our hope is that with our volunteer and sponsor impacts, we will be able to grow and offer our education tools to students all throughout the village. We would like our students to have the best education experience we can offer so that they may attend high school or university if they so choose. We want our students to learn from our volunteers and have a unique experience in their learning. We want our children to have fun and we hope to soon be like other private schools in the region, but with one important twist; we want to build a family in the process, to have a one-to-one relationship with each of our students and our educators.

We are Also

Offering Adventure activities

3 Days Shared Safari Max 6 People
5 Days Budget Camping Safari in Tanzania
7 Days Private Luxury Safari in Tanzania


Our Mission

We are united by our goal to effect change and alleviate the social injustice within Tanzania so that our country and it’s people can move forward. We accomplish this by placing international volunteers in projects, to work as a part of our communities, to contribute international knowledge and work experience to the local people.

Our Contacts

Our Newsletter

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